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24/7 Customer Service Support for Tesco’s Online Cards

Image of Tesco Cards logoTesco Cards has taken on the online greeting cards market and now offers a huge range of personalised greetings cards for every occasion.  Whilst the tesco-cards.com website is simple and easy to use, they wanted to give customers the option for service and support by telephone as well as the comprehensive online FAQs.  They chose to work with mplcontact, the contact centre specialist, and their team of ‘on demand’ agents.

Flexible, scalable bureau service

Whilst Tesco Cards anticipated that the majority of their customers would be comfortable using their online greetings cards facility, they knew some users may not be so confident or, indeed, might encounter unexpected issues whilst placing an order.

They tasked mplcontact with providing round-the-clock telephone based customer service support for these customers and, as they could not be sure of the demand for ‘phone based customer service, chose to use mplcontact’s flexible bureau agent support.

Whilst the team of bureau agents are available 24/7, they have proven to be the most cost effective solution as their skills can be utilised on other client service when there are low volumes of calls on the Tesco Card customer service line.  This demand is driven by traditional holiday and seasonal events, including Easter and Mother’s Day, and so the ability to rapidly scale the agent resource up and down is of great benefit to Tesco Cards.

Integrated business processes

mplcontact agents use a knowledge base built from Tesco Cards own internal processes which is updated as new issues, solutions and information becomes available.

Agents handle enquiries relating to Billing and Account issues, Delivery enquiries, Design questions, Technical issues as well as general questions about the Tesco Cards service.

The knowledge base is built into the agents’ call handling application and allows them to quickly enter keywords based on the caller’s question to find suitable solutions and answers.

If they are unable to help the caller from the knowledge base, they can flag this as a new query type but also, most importantly, can immediately put the caller through to a Tesco Cards team member with expert knowledge.

Outside of Tesco Cards office hours, when an agent is unable to assist a caller, full details of the nature of the enquiry, the steps taken to assist them and their contact details are sent to Tesco Cards ready for follow up on the next working day.

End-to-end reporting

As well as standard contact centre reporting to Tesco Cards, mplcontact also provide details on the FAQs used, where additional information is required and when they had to pass the caller onto a member of Tesco Cards staff for resolution.

This level of reporting not only gives Tesco Cards full visibility of their outsourced services performance, but also ensures that their online information and back office processes are up to date and identifies areas which may need improvement.

Business Benefits
  • Able to scale call handling resources to volumes without sacrificing service excellence
  • Great customer service experience 24/7
  • Integrated knowledge base ensures accuracy
  • Agent feedback allows online FAQs and processes to be continually refined
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