Corporate Responsibility - MPL Contact Corporate Responsibility - MPL Contact

We can summarise these actions to offer the following statement:

Our People

1.  Equal opportunities: We have a strong equal opportunities policy, both for recruitment and promotion, which is published in our staff handbook and reflected in the range and diversity of staff at all levels withinm plcontact Ltd. Due to the extended operating times of our organisation we are able to offer a high level of part-time and flexible working opportunities.

2.  Employee relations: We have a strategic policy to keep each of our office locations relatively small, which experience has taught us, facilitates a friendlier and more socially inclusive working environment.  We are therefore justifiably proud of our employee attrition rates which are some 60% lower than industry averages.

3.  Internal communications: Inter-office communications is encouraged and promoted by joint training sessions and use of the company intranet which is widely used by all levels in the organisation. We also conduct Staff Surveys, carried out by independent assessors, to monitor the opinions and views of our staff.

4.  Benefits: Staff benefit from a generous package including stakeholder pensions and Private Health Care. Additionally, operational staff benefit from a web based incentive programme that allows all staff to benefit in a way that suits their own particular needs.

5.  Training and development: Staff are encouraged, via their regular assessment sessions, to consider training opportunities and relevant staff are encouraged to undertake relevant NVQ awards.

6.  Health & Safety: Our Health & Safety policy is published in the staff handbook and every member of staff is actively encouraged to take responsibility for their working environment. Staff who use computer screens are encouraged to take regular eye tests in line with current best practice.

The Environment

Our objective is to endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment through a commitment to continual improvement.

1.  Recycling: We take active measures to recycle wherever possible by utilising recycle schemes for old mobile phones, paper and printer cartridges. Old IT equipment is assessed to determine whether any components can be re-used. If this is not possible, the equipment is either sold to staff, given to local charities or disposed of in the appropriate manner.

2.  Communications: Staff are encouraged to use telephone and email communications rather than paper based communications wherever possible. We encourage potential customers to view our web site or receive literature via email to reduce paper consumption. Internal meetings are kept to a minimum and the use of conference calls is encouraged with every company mobile phone having the ability to conduct conference calls. With eight geographically spread locations in the UK, travel to customers is also minimised. We actively encourage staff to use environmentally friendly transportation by provision of shower facilities for cyclists and promoting public transport and car share.

3.  Resources: Our major consumption of resources are office utilities rather than raw materials. Therefore, wherever possible we use energy efficient IT equipment, minimise use of air conditioning and encourage energy saving practises.

Our Customers

1.  Customer care: we endeavour to treat all customers in a fair and just way with no discrimination based on their gender, ethnicity, age, creed, culture or area of operation. We are proud of the diversity of our customer base which genuinely reflects the diversity of the UK today. We operate a dedicated customer services team who endeavour to treat all customers in a fair and just manner.

2.  Customer data: We are very aware of the trust placed in us by our customers and also their customers when they provide their personal information to us. We are registered with the Information Commissioner and adhere strictly to the relevant regulations. We also ensure that our customers are aware of government and industry guidance, and advise them accordingly.