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At MPL Contact, we offer reliable outsourced order taking for companies ranging from SMEs to large businesses. No matter the size, we are able to efficiently take your customers orders when you’re not able to do so. Your contact centre could be faced with seasonal or marketing peaks which make it challenging for you to meet with your existing headcount. We can offer additional capacity on demand, and ensure that each customer contact is handled by our skilled agents to deliver the utmost customer service levels, portraying your company as it would be as if handled in-house.

We work alongside you to understand how you work and each of your processes to ensure every outsourced call answered is aligned with your procedures and tone of voice. Our 24/7 service helps your business to deliver an excellent order taking function and answers the customer calls and emails when your in-house team simply are not able to.

Benefits of outsourcing 24/7 order taking:

Streamline your ordering process

By choosing MPL Contact, we understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency. We are able to place orders or appointments directly on your systems, thereby removing any data latency issues or any additional admin costs. We mirror your in-house processes, both in terms of systems and customer experience.


Our order taking solutions are extremely cost-effective – you only pay for the actual calls handled, and our skilled and knowledgeable teams ensure that every possible enquiry is converted to an order, and cross sell opportunities maximised.

Benefits of outsourcing your ordering process
Protecting your brand image

By outsourcing your order calls, you can ensure your customer needs are always met, which can increase your customers’ perception of your brand by being available when needed. This can effectively help maintain and improve the way your existing and new customers think about your brand as a whole.

Increasing customer satisfaction

With many years of customer service experience, our team’s goal is to resolve each of your customer’s needs at the first point of contact. Whether that be dealing with a query, or enquiring about a service, we have the skills to make the process as smooth as possible for both you and the customer.

Ensure your customer needs are always met

Outsourced Appointment Making

Our experienced agents will work 24/7 to help convert inbound enquiries into appointments, vital to ensure your field sales team have plenty of opportunities in their sales pipeline. As customers continue to demand the ability to contact you at a time which suits them, the ability to provide 24/7 appointment booking to customers is critical in allowing your business to grow.

But we don’t stop there, we ensure the full customer service package is always delivered. Once the convenient appointment is secured, we can send a personalised confirmation of the appointment via email or SMS. This generates commitment and intent from your customer. We are able to integrate follow up actions too, whereby we can re confirm appointments, either by phone or SMS, to ensure your sales team’s time is effectively managed. Are you looking to increase buy-in from customers with very little effort?

Our experienced agents will work 24/7 to help convert inbound enquiries

To discuss our order taking service in more detail, contact us today on 0800 088 7899

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