Help Desk

mplcontact provides outsourced helpdesk services to support your own team when they are busy or to cover the out-of-hours periods when your customers still need your services

mplcontact’s helpdesk agents are trained to quickly identify your caller’s issue and then, using our top of the range technology, these agents will guide your callers through your processes to either resolve the issue during the call, or to escalate it to one of your in-house experts or on-call team members.

Your customers will feel well looked after, they will have their issues resolved, resolved quickly and at a time when it’s most convenient to them.

Why outsource to mplcontact?

Our agents will help you to build a rapport with your customers, even if their request for assistance is the very first time they have contacted you. The integration is seamless with your own company.

We can incorporate a ‘welcome’ or acknowledgement email or text message facility into your service to reassure your customers that assistance is on its way or to confirm details of their enquiry or service request. Simultaneously, we will send you details of the issue, resolution and steps that have been taken, to alert your on-call or in-house team to any changes and progress.

If you wish, we can also work directly with your back-office systems and databases, allowing us to log jobs and service requests, as well as giving us the ability to check for parts and appointment slots. We are here to help you become more efficient and to delight your customers.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on 0800 0931 830.