Out of hours calls at A2dominion Out of hours calls at A2dominion

A2dominion are a housing association dedicated  to providing safe and secure homes in London and  Southern England. Whether this be renting as a private  tenant, providing social or supported housing, or  helping people get a share in their own home. They  build and manage the homes, as well as investing in the  communities to support the neighbourhoods.  


Ensuring all calls to their out of hours helpline are  answered, and that issues are dealt with accordingly, is  an essential part of the commitment A2 offer to their  tenants. During peak times, especially in the winter  months, this can be particularly challenging. This is  due to many of their calls being tenants who have urgent repair or maintenance needs.

Many of these  problems occur due to external factors, such as bad  weather. As there is no way to predict the impact of bad weather on housing (for example a2dominion are likely  to have an influx of calls if residents are affected by a  storm), these calls need to be handled efficiently and  with expertise to ensure that solutions are found.  Therefore, their team must be equipped for incoming  calls and to take further actions when needed.  



A2dominion undertook a thorough procurement  exercise which resulted in the appointment of MPL Contact to supply a trusted and expert service that  can be relied upon to handle all the out of hours calls.  

To ensure the agents are equipped to handle these  calls, they depend on the support of systems in-house with comprehensive scripting and business processes  embedded to offer the best solution. A2dominion gave  MPL Contact secure access to their portal, meaning  agents can contact necessary suppliers on behalf  of callers to ensure issues are resolved promptly with little effort required from the caller. To further  ensure efficiency, MPL Contact implemented an upfront  integrated voice response system (IVR) to field and  direct calls appropriately. This means that only genuine  urgent repairs and maintenance calls are connected to  agents, thereby reducing unnecessary cost. 



By using MPL Contact, 95% of calls were  answered and customer needs were met,  whilst ensuring a tight focus on cost. 

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