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Call handling overflow for all businesses

Our team at MPL Contact have years of experience in designing the best processes to ensure that any calls overflowed are handled seamlessly and professionally and that your customer is unaware that their call is being answered by a third party. With a service that is 24/7, and with 3 sites to ensure capacity and scalability, you can be sure that your calls will be answered quickly, and with all care and attention to detail. We’ll be here for you regardless of weather conditions, regardless of time of day and regardless of the holiday season.

MPL Contact work closely with you to define the customer processes, understand your quality drivers and business needs, and ensure that this is included as part of our delivery. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive suite of reports which allow you to curate your own reporting package according to your needs, such as sales by channel or DDI, or call outs per area or customer. You will be able to retain control of your customer experience, and we provide you with complete transparency.

We'll ensure that any calls overflowed are handled seamlessly and professionally

Diverse and flexible

Calls can be handled with the objective of a right first-time outcome according to your defined processes, and with a goal of first contact resolution. We carefully listen to your needs and will work together so that the solution allows you to potentially retain more complex queries to your own internal team of experts, and overflow the transactional light touch calls to us. This may mean that for some call types we simply capture the query and pass to your own teams, whereas for others we will resolve the call to its full conclusion. The volume and split of these calls will most likely change according to your varying needs.

Whatever your customers need, mpl contact will give them an accurate and effective overflow solution, not only by enhancing your reputation but also by improving your customer service.

We'll enhance your reputation by improving your customer service

Expert Overflow Call Handling Services

Working with MPL Contact means that you always have access to additional resource such as call and email handling, to call upon immediately when you need it. whether that be due to high staff absenteeism, bad weather, perhaps at certain times of the day or to manage seasonal trends when you are busy with the main business activities. or any other business affecting incident.

This can be especially useful towards the end of a project or around Christmas time. By overflowing peak traffic, your callers do not have to queue to reach you and there’s no need to take on additional temporary staff.

We also offer numerous other services such as campaign-specific outsourcing work, as an out-of-hours extension of your team and additionally email/social media handling.

Can we help you to streamline your services and run a 24/7 operation? We can save you time and money with a call handling overflow service that has helped many companies across many industry sectors.

We'll help you to streamline your services and run a 24/7 operation

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