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What are the main elements of risk?

The threat associated with the business

One of the most harmful elements of a company crisis could be the potential impact on their corporate reputation and brand image. The perception of the organisation from loyal and new customers is vital to their success. Brand image can take months or even years, dependent on the size, to develop a positive corporate image, therefore suggesting a large risk during a crisis period.

The element of surprise

On most occasions, a crisis hits organisations unexpectedly. It is essential to help mitigate the level of risk associated to reduce potential short and long-term financial losses. Without a strategic contingency plan set in place, high-risk scenarios that may occur can lead to drastic brand perception issues for an organisation.

A short window for decision making

If a crisis does occur, it is imperative not to delay response time towards the issue. It is advised to clearly communicate to your customers and to be transparent about the situation in hand. During this, you should speak to your customers and not ignore them, this can help to build back trust and strengthen the overall business relationship.

Our crisis management service

At MPL Contact, we understand the impact a particular crisis can have on a business’s reputation. Because of this, we offer effective crisis management services that carefully help to respond to calls. Our call handling agents have years’ of expertise within this field and can create a bespoke crisis management plan to best fit your urgent needs.

How we effectively respond with crisis communications

Our supportive operational team has many years’ experience in designing customer-centric solutions that can be deployed in the event of a crisis or disaster recovery. We provide you with an optimum solution to ensure your customers are informed and your brand is sufficiently protected.

We create a bespoke template for your business that can be deployed or defined immediately to ensure that mobilisation is immediate and you are in control of the customer experience. Our flexibility means that we support you with on-demand capacity to handle call traffic, whether that be short term, or for a longer and more sustained need.

Our experienced agents ensure to focus on the short-term solution of providing your customers with the information they need, 24 hours a day. Our call centre support also aims to reach a longer-term goal of increasing brand loyalty amongst existing and new customers. Customer helplines help this process, indeed, as shown in our testimonials.

Effective Response to Crisi Communications

Benefits of disaster response call handling:

Mitigate Risk

By evaluating the status of each action identified and proposing a future contingency plan for ongoing management, this can help to prepare and help to act quickly on the occasion of an incident. At MPL Contact, we always adhere to regulatory requirements to give stability and peace of mind moving forward.  

Avoid compromising reputation

We are aware of how to effectively combat crisis situations without compromising reputation. By being proactive and transparent regarding the crisis is likely to help you connect with your customers and for them to understand the situation. By having a call handling team there to listen to your customers regarding the matter 24/7, helping them feel more of a valuable asset.

Consistency across the business

When a scandal occurs, it is advised to initially decide on a singular message that is intended to get across to your customers. The last thing you want to do is confuse your existing customers, especially on social media platforms, as this is likely to add fuel to the fire. As a company, agree on the message you’d like to get across once apologising. Moving forward, only one message will reach all users being transparent regarding the situation and how you’re moving forward.

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