Mpl contact provides call handling solutions to several specialist retailers with a domestic and global customer base, whom thereby needed a 24/7 solution which meets the needs of the callers, whether that be for simply placing an order, or for more technical support. This is often across multiple channels, including voice, email and webchat.




Mpl contact provides a host of different services to  respond to the retailers individual needs including: 

» Customer support

» Secure payment card processing

» Email-only communications

» Web chat only

» Knowledge management handlers

» Out of hours call handling (usually for  customers in differing time zones)

» Agents who can provide end to end sales  advice and upsells where appropriate




» Extended opening hours 

» Increased penetration of overseas territories 

» Capacity for campaigns and peaks 

» Guaranteed support for emails /  web chats 

» Upsells and maximisation of every  order opportunity 

» Insight into source codes and  marketing effectiveness 

» Opportunity to take advantage of  media slots that might be available  at short notice 

» Cost effective solutions 

» Seasonal support without  additional fixed overhead or assets needed 

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