Our Services

Mpl contact provides 24/7 outsourced contact centre services to businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors. Our solutions are offered from our network of UK contact centres located in Nottingham, Sutton Coldfield and Belfast.

With nearly 20 successful years in the industry, mpl contact has a wealth of experience in setting up a range of 24/7 contact centre projects from call handling & messaging to complex customer service solutions.

For many businesses, outsourcing can be a daunting process but we will guarantee to remove all the hassle and can launch a service to meet your bespoke requirements on time. For simple services, that can be in just a matter of days.

You will be appointed a contact from within our Client Services team to guide you through the service implementation which includes: defining your businesses processes, data exchange requirements, delivery rules and anticipated contact volumes; confirming the telephony details; identifying our agent training needs and test calling (with your input if possible); planning the go-live date and scheduling service reviews.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on 0800 0931 830.