Live chats are becoming more and more common in a world where customers expect instant, convenient communication. However, responding to all those queries in good time can put a strain on your team. Working with MPL Contact to let us handle your business’s web chat so that you can focus time and resources on other areas of your business.

Seamless integration with your team and processes

One of the hallmarks of MPL Contact’s service is the dedication of our agents to understanding your business and the way you operate. We will take the time to learn what you want to achieve with your live chat service and will handle customer interactions with the same degree of understanding and competence that you would expect from your own employees.

We will use our customer service expertise to handle live chat requests, resolving simple issues where possible and escalating others to members of your team if necessary. Whatever the reason for your customer’s interaction with your live chat, we will ensure that it is resolved as swiftly and satisfactorily as possible.

In addition, MPL Contact’s technology means that you don’t have to worry about any extra investment in hardware or software to make the best use of our service. We have everything we need to successfully interact with your customers and manage periods of changing demand.

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Flexible live chat handling that works for you

The key to succeeding with web chat service is flexibility. Customers expect your team to be available on demand which means that you need to be able to cope with times of high and low demand equally well. Working with MPL Contact will give you the flexibility and scalability that you need.

  • Absorb fluctuations in demand with our fully scalable web chat services.
  • Benefit from the expertise of our trained customer service agents.
  • Our flexible model means that our service is cost-effective.
  • We have all the technology we need to provide a top class web chat handling service.

To discuss our live chat handling service in more detail, contact us today or call Siobhain on 0800 0931 830.

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