Outsourced Email Handling & Response Service - MPL Contact Outsourced Email Handling & Response Service - MPL Contact

MPL Contact’s expertise in customer service extends to our email handling service. Our agents are specialists in dealing with customer emails, responding appropriately and escalating the issue to one of your staff members if necessary. We take the time to understand your business, ensuring that your customers always have the best experience.

We respond to emails so that you can focus on your business

In a world of instant messaging and text-based communication, businesses need to be prepared to deal with emails from their customers. An increasing number of people want to get in touch via email rather than picking up the phone, which means that replying to them can easily become one of the most time-consuming aspects of your customer service.

Leaving MPL Contact to take care of your emails means that you can spend your time and resources elsewhere. We can help to ease the strain on your customer service team in a busy season, or provide a more permanent solution to handle all of your customer service emails. Whatever you need from us, we’ll make sure that customer requests are dealt with on the spot or escalated where necessary to ensure that everyone who gets in touch is as satisfied as possible.

MPL Contact is dedicated to providing excellent customer service solutions for businesses like yours. This means that we have all the technology we need to meet your email requirements and can scale our service up and down as required when you’re in and out of peak season or experiencing periods of high demand. Our facilities and flexibility mean that you can leave all of your customer service requirements with us.

MPL Contact to take care of your emails

An email response service that you can rely on

Our email response handling is fast, professional and completely integrated with the way your business operates. One of the hallmarks of an MPL Contact agent is their understanding of the business that they are working for. This expertise means that they can handle emails from your customers as confidently as if they were an employee.

Email Response Service

Working with MPL Contact means that your business will benefit from:

We can handle either all your service and call-out requests or we can just take overflow and/or out-of-hours calls. We can work with your third-party contractors, mobile workforce, skills- and location-based rotas, time-of-day rules and can incorporate secure access to your back-office systems so that jobs and updates are with you in real time.

  • A team of trained customer service professionals who understand your business.
  • 24/7  365 availability, meaning we can always respond to your customer emails
  • Our flexible staffing models, making our email handling service cost-effective.
  • All of our technology and facilities, so you don’t need to worry about extra expenditure.
  • Our scalability, which allows us to absorb additional demand during peak periods.


If you are looking for an email handling service that lets you focus on providing the best products and services for your customers, please contact us today on 0800 088 7899

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