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mplcontact provies 24/7 customer service and support helpdesk solution for London Bus passengers

Image of Metric Group logoCongestion charging, as a means of improving the flow of traffic in Central London, received a great deal of initial publicity and generated much media comment at its launch. The Mayor’s office successfully brought together a number of initiatives which resulted in the easing of traffic congestion. One in particular had a significant role in actually speeding up traffic movement and it is a project which depends on mplcontact, 24 hours a day.

Metric Group, a major worldwide ticketing systems provider, won a long-term contract with London Bus Services Ltd (LBSL) to provide the ticketing system which forms an integral part of the “Pay Before You Board” (PBYB) scheme.

Flexible helpdesk resource

At inception, it was recognised that the PBYB scheme would be new to most travellers. Therefore, an integral part of the contract entailed the provision of a helpdesk service for passengers who were having difficulty using one of the roadside ticket machines (RTM) installed by Metric. A further requirement was for callers to be able to report faults or incidents involving the ticket machines.
mplcontact was chosen because of the high degree of flexibility and scalability inherent in both its software and network of contact centres, which allowed for a cost effective service to be provided at all stages of the scheme’s growth.

mplcontact’s unique contact centre and CRM application manages clients’ inbound calls and automates any subsequent action that may be required. It is this framework which would allow mplcontact to design, build and manage a call handling application tailored to meet Metric’s evolving requirements.

Fault reporting and call out service

From the outset, mplcontact made the helpdesk service available on a 24/7 basis, arranging refunds of lost payments to passengers and providing an emergency response line. For these two elements to work, the helpdesk agent would also need to be able to identify specific RTMs, establish the nature of the problem and notify a roving duty engineer in the instance of a faulty machine.

mplcontact agents manage these requirements by using flexible data search facilities which allows them to identify machines from often very sketchy information given by the caller. Those machine details can then be sent to the engineers’ PDAs using web services technology, enabling Metric to meet their commitment to attend to a machine fault within one hour of notification.

To ensure an “always on” availability, mplcontact responds to callers across two geographically separate contact centres, with calls seamlessly mirrored across those two locations using its patented VSoIP technology and network.

The number of installed machines is rapidly escalating and with it, the team of field engineers. They are delighted in their choice of helpdesk partner and mplcontact looks forward to working with them as they continue the roll out of their ticket machines across more UK cities.

Business benefits
  • SPEED – Instant fault reporting to Metric engineers’ PDAs means rapid response times.
  • FLEXIBILITY – The daily peaks and troughs in call volumes are easily catered for by mplcontact’s systems.
  • RELIABILITY – Metric has SLAs to meet and can rely on mplcontact to always be there
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