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mplcontact provides Adaptis Solutions with a comprehensive 24/7 customer service solution utilising bureau agents to support day to day customer enquiries

Image of Adaptis Solutions logoAdaptis Solutions is the UK’s fastest growing cashless payment processor focussing on the travel and transport markets. The company’s solutions for parking permits, ticketing and taxi payments are used extensively within the public sector and their clients include many London Boroughs as well as some of the world’s largest parking management and transportation organisations.

Adaptis has developed Dash, a transactional processing platform which facilitates all of their services and allows customers to make payments via the web, SMS text and mobile applications.  Whilst Dash is hugely successful in managing high volumes of bookings and payments, Adaptis recognised that not all customers are able or confident using these ‘new’ technologies and so they sought a call centre solution which would both assist these people as well as managing queries and issues related to bookings made via the other channels.

Adaptis chose to work with mplcontact utilising their team of bureau agents who received full training on the Dash platform and the back office systems that support it. The bureau team offers flexible customer service capacity which was a pre-requisite with the seasonal nature of some Dash clients’ sites.

When a Dash customer calls the contact centre, the contact management system initially determines the type of call and whether it relates to a taxi or car parking issue by the DDI number the caller has used.

The agent is then prompted to access Dash via the secure portal so they can continue to assist the caller, whether that is by creating a new customer account for them, taking a payment, checking their account history and amending their contact details.

Managing customer queries and complaints

As well as day to day customer enquiries, mplcontact agents are also tasked with handling queries that the caller may not have been able to resolve on the Dash website.  Where the agent cannot provide an immediate answer using the knowledge base, feedback is provided to Adaptis so that the online FAQs and the contact centre knowledge base can be updated.

On the odd occasion when a Dash customer has erroneously received a parking ticket, the agent will provide assistance based on each site’s individual processes.  This may be to confirm that Dash will handle the problem directly or to advise the caller that they need to liaise with the site contact, in which case full details are provided.

For all instances of unresolved issues, service complaints and parking tickets, a full report is made to Adaptis.

Pinpoint accuracy for every enquiry

The Dash cashless payment system is now an invaluable resource for hundreds of car park operators including NCP, many council run car parks, university sites and retail and leisure complexes.

In the first 8 weeks of 2014 alone, nearly 4000 calls were handled by mplcontact agents. These calls relate to over 200 sites and the agents must quickly identify the caller’s exact location before they can assist them. They verify the location by the parking code, if the caller can provide it, or by the location name. The correct identification is critical to ensuring the appropriate advice and processes are then followed.

Similarly, many of those calls have related to more than 200 registered taxis using the Dash service; Dash Taxi allows customers to pay for their taxi fare via mobile phone using stored card details which makes the quick and accurate identification of the taxi firm by the agent absolutely imperative.

  • Flexible capacity call centre support for the Dash multichannel solution
  • Round-the-clock customer service facility for payments and general enquiries
  • Inclusive support for all types of users of the Dash service
  • Immediate feedback on queries and issues not previously encountered
  • End to end visibility of performance of both the call centre and Dash sites.
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