mplcontact’s outsourced customer service agents are available 24/7 for when your customers have questions, need product support or even want to make a complaint

Image of Police Mutual logoYour on-going customer service support is as important, if not more so, than your sales and marketing activity. Even if they have bought a product that isn’t what they needed or is faulty, the customer can still go away impressed by your support and advice as long as it is there when they needed it.

“The service provided by mplcontact has always been excellent. In addition to the out-of-hours assistance they provide, they also provide support during our normal office hours if we are experiencing unexpectedly high call volumes or issues with our phone lines. They are an integral and invaluable part of our operation.”

Peter Marr, Operations Director, Police Mutual


Image of Metric Group logoWhen one of our agents answers a customer service call, they can do a number of things to help the customer and protect your reputation, ranging from simply taking full details of the query or problem, following your instructions for refunds and returns, through to attempting to ‘tele-fix’ the problem by working through a pre-defined process of checks. If the customer needs further advice or technical support, our agents will escalate the call to one of your expert staff with full details of the customer’s enquiry.Image of Principality logo

Whatever the outcome, your customer has received a personal response and the reassurance that you care about your products and services.

Image of Gtech logo“mplcontact work quickly and effectively to create our services, ensuring all our requirements are covered. The account management and operational staff have always been highly professional and developed solutions which address the challenges inherent in operating a customer service line.”

David Butlin – Head of Direct Marketing, GTECH

Image of Orchards of London logo“Working with a professional UK based company has made all the difference.  Our clients tell us how impressive it is that we are a 24 hours a day operation and that they felt if there was a problem they would be looked after.  mplcontact messages are instant which allows all parties to return calls immediately; as our offices are inundated with phone calls every day, having the flexibility to divert those calls we might otherwise miss means all our clients are looked after at any time of the day.”

Rudolph Diesel, Marketing Director, Orchards of London

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