Lone worker support

Use mplcontact as your centralised communications hub for consistent 24/7 support for your on call and lone worker staff

With increasingly stringent regulations in place to protect lone workers, Image of plumber at workmplcontact understands how critical the safe deployment of your lone worker and on call staff to off-site jobs is to your business. There are also significant fines in place for organisations that do not adhere to those regulations. This is very bad news for your company if you overload your employees.

mplcontact can help you to make the most of your staff, your company, and your customer service.

mplcontact has developed services specifically designed to ensure the smooth running of your on-call team. A smoother-running team means a more memorable service (for all the right reasons), happier customers and recommendations. To do this, we will incorporate a two-way communication system with your staff, which will check and action for any missed communication and escalation procedures, when needed. This can be as little or as often as your company requires.

We get to know you, your team and the workings of your company, so that we can provide seamless support and develop a system that works for your company. Working closely with your team, we’ll create a tailored solution that helps everybody.

The multiple benefits of using mplcontact, to your company:

  • Cost effectively meet internal Health & Safety standards and customer SLAs
  • Our flexible services allow you to quickly add new staff, locations, contracts, SLAs and services into our call handling
  • Detailed bespoke management reporting available for end-to-end contact/job monitoring.

Can we help your company to adhere to strict legal guidelines and avoid fines? Call us today more information, we’re ready to help you make a difference.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on 0800 0835 159.

Image of Centrick Property logo“Our mplcontact service knows to expect calls every two hours from staff working alone. If this doesn’t happen the lone worker is sent a reminder text, and if there’s still no response they receive a call. This can then be escalated to appropriate management if there’s a concern. It is a natural extension of our out-of-hours mplcontact helpdesk service, and a good illustration of how we’ve been able to refine our outsourced service to meet changing requirements.”

James Ackrill, Group Chairman, Centrick Property

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