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Communicating with customers is no longer just about telephone calls and mplcontact can respond to your customers’ enquiries by email, web chat and text

Nearly all of your clients will expect to be able to contact you by email, through your website and even by text.Image of multimedia contact

Recent surveys show that email is the most popular choice for customers to contact companies, worldwide. If you are neglecting your email responses then you are neglecting the majority of your customers. As communication specialists, mplcontact can offer you a service that includes responding to emails, so that you never have to leave one unanswered.

Even delays with email replies can cost you a customer, it shows that taking up to an hour to respond can seriously affect the happiness levels of your customers.

Don’t lose your customers. mplcontact can help you to keep them happy.

mplcontact’s outsourced contact centre services are underpinned by technology that gives us powerful multimedia capabilities which means our clients can offer their own customers a variety of contact options via the web, email, text as well as the telephone.

How can we help you? We develop tailored strategies for each client, to ensure we meet their needs as much as possible. Using any media they require. We can even work on specific campaigns to help you stay on track of your responses. We can take messages, forward calls or complete surveys to help you organise your data.

We manage and distribute these multimedia contacts just as if they were all telephone calls; for example, we can prioritise calls over emails, send web chat requests to agents with particular skills or even dedicate a number of agents to handling just your email and web chat.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on 0800 0835 159.

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