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mplcontact’s flexible pool of friendly agents are available to provide day to day call handling and customer service support, manage one off campaigns and ensure business continuity

“Whilst, I was going through this harrowing experience, I have to say with my hand on my heart that Nikki’s efforts were very much appreciated. She was proactive without distressing me and kept me in the loop every step of the way to find a resolve in my favour. It is bad enough to have under gone this nasty experience of fraud but what really softened the blow was Nikki’s regular, efficient communication. So, THANK YOU, Nikki”

One very satisfied caller!Image of mplcontact customer service agent

With a network of 5 UK centres providing a range of outsourced contact centre services and a pool of some 100 agents, we can act quickly to support you even with the shortest of notice. Our agents are well trained, highly experienced customer service professionals, many with NVQ Customer Service and Team Leader qualifications, who are used to handling a diverse range of contact types on a daily basis; you can be sure we will always have appropriately skilled people on hand.

Throughout the years I have worked with mplcontact they have maintained a very high quality of service and have always been consistent in providing flexible and professional support to my business needs. This is why I decided to use their services again when I joined BioEden; they were the perfect choice for me with a proven track record of providing excellent service at competitive prices. I anticipate that the partnership between BioEden and mplcontact will continue to grow in the future.”

Stuart Taylor, BioEden

Image of Janet - mplcontact team leaderClients use mplcontact to support their one-off campaigns, including new product launches, product recalls and even market analysis.  We can even dedicate a team of agents to a campaign so they become an extension of our client’s own business.  Clients may use us as a call and email handling partner during bursts of activity perhaps at certain times of the day or to manage seasonal trends when they are busy with their main business activities.  By overflowing peak traffic, mplcontact clients do not suffer long calling queues or need to take on additional temporary staff.


“I was part of the team that originally appointed mplcontact as our out of hours and overflow centre back in 2006 and you have not disappointed me.  I am proud to have been associated with you; you have performed well and done so consistently with quiet, confident professionalism. I hope your organisation continues to go from strength to strength.”

David Silcock, Procurement & Outsourcing Manager, leading insurance company

  • Do you have times of the day when you are too busy to answer calls or emails quickly?
  • Do you ever drop calls?
  • Do you have times of the day/week/year when your own staff are very quiet and there is little activity?Image of mplcontact customer service agent

If so, you should consider mplcontact as your call handling partner to enable you to provide consistently excellent customer service by ensuring you can meet your customer demands and always have resources available to manage your call traffic throughout the year.

The feedback from our customers, internal staff and engineers is that everyone is absolutely delighted with the mplcontact service and they continue to impress us with their commitment to developing a solution that is right for us and our customers. Last year, Adactus received 50 complaints about the out of hours service; with mplcontact now working for us, this has dropped to zero demonstrating the professional, right-first-time service our customers now receive.”

Chris Smith, Operations Director, Corporate Services, Adactus Housing Group

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