5 Ways You Shouldn’t Be Monitoring Call Quality - MPL Contact 5 Ways You Shouldn’t Be Monitoring Call Quality - MPL Contact

Monitoring the call quality of your agents is one of the most useful ways to improve your service and please your customers.

However, there are some mistakes that companies often make when it comes to monitoring and improving the quality of their calls.

Failing to retrieve feedback from team leaders

It may be surprising how effective one-on-one support can be for your agents. Supervisor monitoring means that the agent has a leader at hand, while on a real-time call, offering them support and guidance to improve their service.

Failing to retrieve feedback from customers

Post-call surveys are now much easier to conduct and gather useful feedback. With methods such as a fast SMS feedback service, a supervisor can be notified of the agent’s survey results and any negative feedback can be dealt with while the call is fresh in their mind.

Using evaluation criteria that encourages using a simple answer

Many monitoring evaluation forms today are based on a ‘yes/no’ answering system. Not only does this limit the accuracy of the answers, but it doesn’t encourage the agent to go beyond an acceptable ‘yes’ in terms quality of work. By expanding this evaluation criteria, you will add drive to your agents and find better results.

Being secretive about the criteria

The more open and honest you are with your agents, the better the results and performance during monitoring sessions. By providing a detailed explanation of how scoring mechanisms work and what your company is looking for, your agents will gain confidence in their abilities and, ultimately, provide more better customer satisfaction.

Failing to reward staff for their contributions

Within contact centres, in almost all cases, when call quality improves, customer satisfaction does too. With customer satisfaction comes customer loyalty and repeat custom, and one of the best ways to acknowledge this success is to reward those that helped achieve it. Make sure your agents know they’re doing a good job and then they will continue to do so.

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