5 Tips to Keep Your Contact Centre Agents Motivated 5 Tips to Keep Your Contact Centre Agents Motivated

Do you know how important it is to keep your contact centre agents motivated?

They are often the only voice of your business that customers hear so it’s important they are giving the right impression. However, on average, over half of UK workers are lacking motivation in the workplace, which causes serious problems to productivity and profitability.

Here are five tips to encourage motivation and create a better atmosphere for your employees to work in:

Provide regular feedback

Everyone wants to know how they are performing at their job – in fact, 65% of employees say they want more feedback in the workplace. Receiving feedback from someone who they respect will encourage agents to work more efficiently at their job. As their manager, you should give your agents a clear indication of the next step they could take to better themselves as an employee. Allowing agents to provide feedback on their managers too ensures that this 360 degree makes for effective team management and good reciprocal communication.

Offer a career path 

Always give a clear indication of the path your employees can take in their career with your organisation should they wish to. Publicise success stories from within the business and consider the option of using mentors to those who show promise or express an interest. Bear in mind however, some people are happy with the role they have, and pushing progression where not wanted could be counter productive.

Create a welcoming workplace

Cleanliness and hygiene factors are to be expected in every workplace, but providing a colourful and vibrant environment will lift moods and create a positive atmosphere. Hanging pictures on the wall, using bright stationery and chairs, or asking your agents the type of décor they would like in the office are just a few ways you can introduce colour. A workplace that motivates your employees will also make them appreciate and look after their environment. If they enjoy working there, they will want to keep it that way.

Look after their wellbeing

It is often said that happy staff leads to happy customers, and within the contact centre industry, it has never been so important to look after the wellbeing of your agents and ensure your customers are being looked. People appreciate the small perks, and keeping morale up in the workplace is something every employee in the contact centre should help with. From providing the basics such as tea, coffee and water, to having chill out areas that allow staff away from their desks, and have the opportunity to recharge, by looking after agents’ happiness, you’ll also keep them motivated.

Provide perks and benefits for your employees

Positive acknowledgment will always be received greatly from an employee. After all, we all want to work hard and be noticed for it. Motivating your employees by rewarding them with a luxury which they can share with their loved ones will show you care about their hard work, and the person as a whole.

Many companies provide their employees with benefits and perks. For example, on the basic level, we have Carphone Warehouse who give discounts on selected phones and Marks and Spencers give extended paid maternity and paternity leave, whilst some companies offer cool job perks such allowing office dogs, providing free massages at work like Google, or having no official work hours like Netflix do. A simply internal employee survey can help you determine the best way to reward your staff, and keep them motivated.

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