What's the Customer’s Biggest Annoyance with Customer Service? What's the Customer’s Biggest Annoyance with Customer Service?

Time and time again, you will hear that frustrated customers are the most important customers to deal with effectively. That is because it’s true. In fact, the more promptly customer issues are resolved, the better for the company.

It doesn’t take much for a situation to spiral into a much worse situation, so what is the one issue that frustrates customers the most? What MUST you avoid?

According to a new report by UBM, 75% of UK consumers hate repeating themselves when they have an issue with a company. This is their biggest annoyance. This includes being passed around between different people, for example when they are unsure which division or employee is best to handle that particular issue, as well as being put on hold numerous times.

37% percent of customers also said that they found the customer service experience either ‘inefficient’ or ‘more frustrating’.

This is easy to relate to; when you’re frustrated, the last thing you want to do is have to repeat what made you irritated in the first place, to a number of different departments. There are, however, a number of ways in which these frustrations can not only be resolved, but avoided.

The key is to be in tune with your customers. Think about their needs.

“Brands need to be in tune with who their customers are in order to deliver the right solution to that demographic” Rebecca Slater, Brand Manager for UBM said.

If you stay one step ahead of your customers, you can avoid situations that frustrate them much easier. When was the last time you asked your customers to complete a survey or simply ask them for feedback? Look at your customers browsing or buying habits, can you see patterns which could keep you ahead of their actions?

Above all, ensure that your customer service doesn’t require your customers having to repeat themselves to different departments. If you need any help with your customer service, mplcontact can provide you with dedicated agents to give your customers the perfect customer experience…and improve your First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates.

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