What Reports Can You Simply Not Do Without in Your Call Centre? - MPL Contact What Reports Can You Simply Not Do Without in Your Call Centre? - MPL Contact

Reports help you to measure and review the success of your practices within your call centre. They are paramount to ensure productivity remains high, alongside understanding your customer needs and perception of you.

Through improving your reporting and analysis methods you can improve the success of your business, but what are the most useful reports to make and why?

We’ve put together a list of what reports you should be focusing on:

  • Root Call Analysis – Understanding what customers are contacting you about, the level of resolution at first point of contact for different contact types, the profile of customers according to their contact type, and indeed chosen media, and granularity around the AHT’s are all important aspects you need to analysing.
  • Call Centre Metric Reporting – Whilst traditional, it is important not to rule out call centre metric reports such average waiting time, abandoned rates, and SLA’s and PCA’s, to assist you with planning and understanding the cost to serve and different times of the day and week. Align this with utilisation and performance and you can see where there are times of poor quality, or higher costs per call according to productivity. 
  • Campaign Performance Reporting – This kind of reporting will enable you to understand source codes or media channels that are either generating good sales orders, or indeed have poor or misleading customer communication that, in turn, creates unnecessary contact. 
  • Staff KPI’s and performance managementNot only is this a great way to monitor the performance of your staff, but it can also help with motivating them. If you’re finding that targets are not being hit, why is that? 
  • Quality and Assurance Reporting (Q&A) – Are you actually meeting your customers’ needs? Are you deploying post call customer satisfaction surveys, measuring empathy and net promotor scores, or simple tempur scores to understand customer perception?

We hope you find this list helpful. For more information on our outsourced contact centre solutions, please call on 0800 088 7899

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