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With contact centres having one of the highest employee turnover rates of any industry, it is now even more important for call centre managers to do more to ensure employee motivation remains high.

Here are some tips from Firecracker UK to help motivate your staff:

Make sure food and drink is accessible

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – a quote from Hippocrates and this still is true today, many people have forgotten the link between what we eat, how it makes us feel and how productive they are.

What your employees eat and drink during the day does impact on how productive they are!

Make sure your employees have access to good quality food, and this will ensure wellbeing in the workplace. Encourage them to have regular breaks to refuel, and use simple infographics to educate employees about making the right choices in food and drink when on their breaks. Obviously this needs to be managed along with policies on eating in the call centre, but regular and varied deliveries of free fruit and other healthy snacks are a great way of both making agents feel valued, and well nutritioned.

Have a policy in place that clearly states that every member of staff has to take at least a 30 minute break during the day, ideally at lunch time and that this be a break away from their normal working stations. This will not only allow them time eat lunch in a non-stressed environment but will give them an opportunity to relax and talk to other team members.

Make sure you encourage individual talents

Everyone who works in your office is unique and brings an array of talents to the team, alongside the skills they need to do their job.

Creating an environment where your employees can bring their “whole selves” to work is a great way to celebrate the people in your business. People who bring their whole self to work are seen as more authentic and are able to build rapport easily, as they have nothing to hide.

Perhaps you’ve got a budding comedian or singer within the business. Recognize individuality and praise it, making sure that people see how your company notices you and is interested in you outside of simply the task you have been recruited for.

Or why not have a talent fund and offer staff the opportunity to learn new skills? Whether this is a foreign language or a hobby of rock climbing. At first glance these might not seem business related but with any challenge brings with it new skills and development, which will benefit your business.

Build a Knowledge Library

Following on from the above, can you harness the knowledge of staff to educate and empower others? Why not organise regular bitesize events where employees can showcase their skills, can celebrate their successes (work or non-work related) or tell their stories?

Firecracker-UK limited are specialists in workplace health and wellbeing, and take a holistic approach to this by helping organisations to see their employees as valuable assets. Our goal is to show organisations that, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, they can achieve the golden ticket of having healthy happy staff who love coming to work and giving it their all.

For us, wellbeing goes further than just making sure your staff are well at work. We also help them to feel empowered, motivated and inspired, in a fantastic environment. Everyone wins; you as a business, your staff within the business and the customer/clients your business serves.

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