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5 telephone faux pas your contact centre must avoidDespite there being multiple contact options available, the telephone remains a strong favourite amongst customers, providing them with a timely way to solve their customer service queries.

The immediacy of telephone calls means that there is little room for correcting an error once it’s made. This means any faux pas cannot be covered up easily, so greater care should be made to avoid them.

Phone etiquette is one of the most important ways to deliver excellent customer service, it will make your company memorable for all the right reasons and keep your customers satisfied with your service. Here are some telephone faux pas that are important to avoid:

  1. Avoiding sounding bored and uninterested

Sounding positive is an important technique to master, especially if a customer is unhappy or worse, aggressive. However, it is important to sound genuine and personal – helping them is the most important thing. Smile when you’re talking and avoid falling into a monotone voice too. 

  1. Speed with your response

Not only will a quick response help you to sound interested in the caller’s problem, but even if you’re busy trying to solve their problem, make sure you explain your actions every step of the way. Although you might be occupied with researching information or finding a solution, a silence on the telephone can seem like a very long wait for a caller.

  1. Don’t put anything in your mouth while on the phone

Even if there is a “no food in the contact centre” rule in place, it is easy to accidentally cover your mouth with your hand, bite your nails or chew gum, without paying much attention to it. This small change to your own ears creates a much louder sound through the headset.

  1. When engaging in personal conversations…shutterstock_341095589

In every working environment, personal conversations crop up between colleagues. However, in a contact centre it is important to be careful that the volume does not distract agents who are working. It may sound like the agent on the telephone is not giving the customer their full attention and that lacks professionalism.

  1. Do not use informal or offensive language

If a customer on the phone is using informal language, it can be tempting to adapt to meet their tone. It is important to stay polite and maintain professionalism at all times. Emotions must be set aside during telephone calls and keeping a proper demeanor will help to calm an irate customer.

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