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When used correctly, efficient call routing is a great way to deliver a fantastic experience to customers. It can help to resolve queries, it can help your staff members to work well together and it can give your customers a smooth experience.

However, when used in a way that hinders communication rather helps to find a solution, it can cause frustration with both staff and customer, and ruin your customer service reputation.

The main cause of this is the fact that companies aren’t aware of the capabilities of modern technology and how easily they can be infiltrated into a call centre system. To help avoid these call routing pitfalls, we have put together some ideas to help improve your inbound call routing system:

Monitor queues

This is one of the best ways to see where there are gaps in your skillset as a company. See which customer issues take the longest to resolve and then you will know which roles in your company need filling.

Route repeat calls to the same agent

We’ve all been on the other end of this situation, where you have to explain your issue to multiple agents, it can get frustrating. Repeating your call to the same agent helps to build a rapport and gives a better level of customer service.

Offer a call back

Offering the option of a call back is a great way to give the customer a solution that doesn’t require using up more of their time than necessary.

Match skillset to agent

If you take into account the amount of staff that you have and label their skillsets, you can then match caller requests to the agent best suited to resolve their issue. This also works well for centres that work with multiple languages.

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