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Some days, working in a call centre can be very tiring; you could experience a solid run of unhappy customers which has nothing to do with your staff directly, but this could quickly diminish morale.

To avoid this kind of situation, we’ve put together some top tips to help you keep your staff happy and therefore motivated.Motivate call centre staff

Here are our top 5:

1. Make sure your staff are comfortable

A comfortable environment is one of the best ways to keep your workers happy. Are they a good temperature, do they have access to fresh air and water? Are they given regular breaks?

2. Congratulate/encourage your staff when required

Sometimes motivation can be found in a single phone call. When an agent has a particularly strong week, remember to thank them for their hard work or reassure them if they’ve had a bad week.

3. Acknowledge that your staff have personal lives

We’re not saying that you should cross professional boundaries, but it’s worth noting that sometimes low morale can come from outside the workplace. It can be helpful for staff to know they can be open with you if something is disrupting their work.

4. Set new challenges to keep things fresh

Offer different incentives, create new goals and set new challenges weekly; call centres are renowned for becoming stale very quickly. Offering a new goal to reach will help people to stay more focused on their tasks.

5. Offer additional training to your staff

Regular training is essential to any team; having the right tools is a huge part of making a job more successful and enjoyable. Training also keeps agents up-to-date and focused, feeling successful will make a huge difference to morale.

If you’re wondering how to measure the effectiveness of your customer support, you can find our previous blog post here.

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