How to measure the effectiveness of your customer support - mplcontact How to measure the effectiveness of your customer support - mplcontact

The key to happy customers is a fast response rate. Companies who respond to emails within 24 hours receive 50% less negative feedback. These statistics may not reflect the company’s overall commitment to customer service but when huge brands, such as Amazon, measure sellers by response time then it’s not something you can afford to neglect.How to measure the effectiveness of your customer support

But how can you measure the progress of your own customer service? When each customer favours different aspects of communication, how do you know that your techniques are improving? Here are some key metrics, so that you can measure the effectiveness of your customer support.

  1. The activity of your staff

Do you know which of your staff are resolving the most queries? Just because one of them takes the most calls, they may not be fixing real issues that customers have.

  1. The speed of response

How long does it take to respond to a customer? Can you improve upon this? A fast response time is a popular demand from most customers.

  1. The speed of resolution

Even if you respond quickly, how long does it take you to actually solve the problem that your customer has? Resolutions are the next best thing to a fast response time; responding to an issue is good but solving the problem is even better.

  1. The quality of resolution

Could any of your staff make use of extra training? Do some team members lag behind others? Keep notes of how each member of staff performs and help the ones that are struggling.

  1. The number of customers waiting

Without checking, do you know how many customers have issues that have been left outstanding? Waiting customers will only get more upset as more time passes. Try and speed up your response times.

Can you improve on any of the above? Improve any of these key metrics is how you can be more successful with your customer service. Call us on 0800 0931 830 with any queries or email [email protected] to learn how to improve yours.

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