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Since it’s customer service week, we’ve been researching what is expected from the customer service of companies across the world. This poll asked 1000 people each in United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Japan, and shows that consumers want faster responses and a multi-channel presence. These are the two key areas that are consistent across the board.National Customer Service Week

More than 60% of consumers (worldwide) have higher expectations for customer service than they did a year ago, and 97% said that customer service is somewhat or very important to their loyalty to a brand.

What is the most important aspect? 

In this poll that asked 4000 consumers what was important to them, it was discovered that people have similar thoughts when it comes to fast response times.

“Getting my issue resolved quickly” came out on-top as the most important aspect of customer service.

Across the world, more than 90% of all consumers now expect a company to offer a self-service customer support portal or FAQ page online, and companies that offer a mobile-responsive customer support network scored higher than ever.

What platforms are the most important?

The United Kingdom, Brazil and Japan all said that an email response was the most regular channel that they used, closely followed by the telephone. The United States was the only one to differ and they voted telephone first (81%), closely followed by email (78%).

What are the most frustrating aspects of customer service?

  • United States – Being passed between agents.
  • United Kingdom – Having to contact a brand or organisation multiple times for the same issue.
  • Brazil – Not being able to resolve my issue or find info online.
  • Japan – Being kept waiting on hold.

It’s interesting to see the differences between countries, but it’s also clear that many of the values are shared worldwide. We hope you have a great customer service week.

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