Newsletter - Spring 2014 - MPL Contact Newsletter - Spring 2014 - MPL Contact

We can hardly believe it, but Easter will soon be upon us. Our contact centre services will be available as usual throughout the Easter holiday period but please note that Customer Services will be closed on Good Friday and the Bank Holiday Monday.


Please send us your rotas and any special instructions in good time before the holidays so that we can ensure everything is in place for you and your customers.

Please contact Customer Services as soon as possible if you require assistance setting up your Easter processes.

Image of cartoon couple holding hands4 tips to get customers to love you more

Pretty much everyone has switched providers of some sort – gas, broadband, your morning coffee stop – just because getting to the front of the queue was too much like hard work. And despite the fact we know first impressions count, in a business relationship, it’s the last encounter we always remember. Read our 4 tips for maintaining a deep and meaningful relationship with your customers and, no surprise, they all revolve around communication.

Adopt North West launches Adoption Week

mplcontact is pleased to have been chosen by Adopt North West, a collaboration between 22 local authorities across the North West of England, to provide contact centre support as they launch the very first regional adoption week and promote on-going events and information resources for potential adopters. mplcontact agents will handle initial enquiries coming into the adoption recruitment line, which will be advertised on prime time television, radio and online in the North West, ensuring information is always available no matter what time a call is made. Read the news.

On Show Events go global with mplcontact

On Show Events provides end-to-end event management services and comprises a small team of dedicated professionals who, between them, have many years of experience in every aspect of the live event industry. They work extensively throughout the UK but also produce events in locations as diverse as Bahrain, Canada and the Falkland Islands.  When the team are busy they need support back home and have been using mplcontact since 1999 to stay in touch with their customers even when they are thousands of miles away.

Don’t forget we’re here to help, so if you need any advice on how best to manage your mplcontact service, rotas and customer information over the forthcoming Easter holidays, please contact us!

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