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How can a seasonal call centre benefit your business?

Leaving it to the experts

Each of our call handlers are experts in what they do and have years’ of experience of dealing with calls of different types. During an increased seasonal activity, it is important to have productive phone calls with new and existing customers. For some customers this may be their first interaction with the organisation, therefore, you want to make an outstanding impression. Our skilled agents know exactly how to portray your company in a positive light, resulting in a positive brand image forming.

Increases professionalism

As experts in this field, we know how to best represent your organisation. By being available to answer queries around the clock, not just during working hours, this is convenient for your customers and also increases professionalism within the workplace. Not only do we answer your customer calls, but we work together carefully to flag up and consistent queries or issues that may keep coming up, helping to improve your business’s overall practices.

Maintain corporate reputation

If your business is only available certain hours of the day, this is likely to lead to frustration for your consumers. For most customers, the availability of core work hours is not viable to get in touch, due to working those particular hours themselves. By increasing the availability of 24 hours a day, this displays the caring nature of your business to invest in this, helping the overall corporate reputation and image of the brand.

Never miss a call

Our reliable seasonal call handlers ensure that we never miss a single call from your customers. An influx is no problem for our experts. At MPL Contact, we understand the importance of excellent customer service and a consistent message being delivered, leaving them with a positive experience ingrained in their memory.

Our Approach

During call spikes, we concisely brief our agents with the intended message to get across to your customers. This helps the business representatives know your business inside out, and the ability to easily answer tailored questions about the business to the consumer. We aim to become an integral part of the team, with the knowledge to cross-sell and up-sell your products, helping you profit further from our services.

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With an existing knowledge base in the majority of different sectors, we know what to expect. What distinguishes us from other call centres is that we use state of the art technology to increase the quality of interaction amongst call handling agent and your customer. We always put your business first, meaning that anything we can do to boost your customer satisfaction, you can count on us that we will.

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