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Customer RelationshipsAccording to a latest report by consumer group Which?, mobile operators Vodafone and EE are failing the basics of customer service, scoring the lowest in a survey in comparison with other UK mobile suppliers. This comes only a month after Vodafone was revealed by Ofcom to having a big rise in customer complaints.

Both mobile operators scored poorly when it came to ease of contact and value for money, but since this report, both Vodafone and EE have promised to improve their customer service over the coming months.

These companies should take tips from companies who empower and trust their staff, using their initiative and empathy to go that extra mile in ensuring their customers have a great customer experience. As a result of their extra effort, these companies are receiving huge amounts of positive feedback.

Social channels are currently buzzing with stories, such as Morrison’s staff who recently helped a customer and her child in overcoming some of the challenges presented by the child’s disability. PlayStation did something similar by redesigning their console controller and customising it so that a player could use the controller with more ease.

For any business that wants to be a success, customer service needs to be at the heart of it. It can help your company to grow, generate positive word of mouth, and most importantly, keep your customers happy. Happy customers are the best way to keep your business growing.money-256314_1280

In reality, many businesses struggle maintaining a consistent, and high quality customer service. This is why many organisations turn to contact centre solution providers, such as mplcontact, for their call handling needs. Make sure you never let your customers down.

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