Participation That Is Good for Staff Morale - MPL Contact Participation That Is Good for Staff Morale - MPL Contact

At mplcontact, we encourage our staff to get involved with local and national charity fundraising events.

Have you considered doing the same? Not only is this good for the community and the charities involved, but it is also great for staff morale and motivation.

Benefit one: create a feeling of unityImage of RSPCA fundraiser cake stall

Working for different clients and in different areas of the company, staff can sometimes feel quite segregated. Inviting colleagues to work towards an external cause can help bring the team together, giving a feeling of unity and loyalty.

Benefit two: increase productivity

Encouraging staff to step away from their desks is another great idea. In the UK, about a third of people work through their lunchtimes with another 50% of people choosing to eat at their desks. Avoiding breaks away from your desk can decrease productivity as well as motivation.

Benefit three: a fun environment

Nothing creates a feeling of fun like dressing up for charity, sharing baking skills or attempting a ‘fun run’ together. It also gives employees a chance to get to know their colleagues outside of their work interests.

Benefit four: something to celebrate

It feels good to help others and make a difference to an important cause. At the end of the fundraising, you can celebrate reaching a goal together and feel more connected as a team.

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