What Skills Do You Need to Work in Customer Service? - MPL Contact What Skills Do You Need to Work in Customer Service? - MPL Contact

If you speak to customers on a regular basis, there are certain customer service skills that will help you to get the most out of your communication. Without these skills, you might find your customers losing interest in your business because they don’t feel valued.827556_46291532

From our professional experience, there are 4 skills in particular that we think people who work in customer service need:


Patience is essential in a customer service environment. When customers come to you with a problem, they’re probably going to be annoyed and frustrated at your business. They’ll be looking to offload their frustrations and to be given a solution. Although you might know the answer to their problem, finding that solution can be hard if your customers are angry to begin with. Being patient can go a long way and will ensure that the situation remains under control.


The ability to listen closely to the needs of your customers can be really tricky. Problems can sometimes be complex, and attentiveness is ultimately the only way to determine what the problem is. Not listening carefully to what your customer says can result in you giving the wrong advice. This is why you need to listen to them, showing them that you understand their needs.

Knowledge of the product or service you are discussing

Some products and services need intricate understanding in order to be able to provide your customer with a solution. You don’t necessarily need the knowledge to be able to take the product to pieces and rebuild it, but a strong understanding of how it works, and the things that could potentially go wrong, are essential. There is nothing worse than having to tell the customer that you do not know the answer.  If there are aspects of the product/service you are not completely sure of, be honest, and let them know you will do your best to find the answer.

Willingness to learn

No one will start a customer service job having the perfect package. You need to be able to learn from your mistakes, learn from other people’s mistakes and have the ability to take advice and feedback. Having an open mind to new ways of working and dealing with situations is a key skill in this industry.

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