What would your business do if your phone lines went down? - MPL Contact What would your business do if your phone lines went down? - MPL Contact

If disaster struck and your phone lines suddenly went down, possibly even your entire building, have you got a recovery plan in place?

With disrupted phone lines, who would look after your customers? Would they turn elsewhere? Thousands unfortunately do. mplcontact have the resources in place to become your reliable Disaster Recovery team, allowing your business to continue should your system suddenly go down.

The unexpected, ironically, happens more often that you’d expect. Even relatively small occurrences can majorly disrupt your phone lines; problems such as snow, floods, heat, transport issues or a power outage, can cause hours or days of disruption.

Losing the ability to communicate can cost your company thousands of pounds but being prepared will save you time, stress and money. Think ahead and use mplcontact as your recovery solution.

As well as being a stand-in for those heart-stopping occasions when your phone lines go down, mplcontact can also take care of overflow situations; when you have too many phone calls, or need calls answering for a specific campaign. We can help to minimise the disruption of your regular phone lines at busy periods, as well as during disruptions.

We can also be your voice during out-of-hours. Your phone will always be answered, and it will be answered in a professional, welcoming and helpful manner. With the majority of people working the same hours as your company, we can make sure you don’t miss out on new customers when they are finally available to call.

Be prepared, protect your clients and your business. We’ll help to keep your company safe.

For more information about our Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity service, please call us on 0800 0931 830. We’re here to help.

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