How to keep your call centre team happy this summer - mplcontact How to keep your call centre team happy this summer - mplcontact

During the summer months, it can be harder than ever to keep your workforce happy. Everyone would Keeping staff happy over summermuch rather be outside when the sun is shining…but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Here is our guide to keeping your workforce smiling this summer:

  • Give away summer-themed prizes

Giving away prizes should be part of your in-house competitions anyway, but putting a summer spin on it will get people into the summer spirit.

  • Have a barbecue in the car park

Setting up a barbecue in the car park at lunch time or after work will enhance morale. You could even have your team leaders serving up the food.

  • Hold team meetings outside

This will provide a welcome break from the phones and leave your workforce feeling refreshed and energised. It will also give them an opportunity to cool off.

  • Ask your agents if they’re hot or cold

On a hot day it seems obvious to put the air conditioning on full blast. Ask your team if they’re satisfied with the temperature of the office. People work better in a reasonable temperature and they will appreciate your concern.

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