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When retailers first began to cross the proverbial void between e-commerce and a tangible outlet, the primary source of concern for sceptics was the absolute inability to provide the same level of customer service over the phone or via email than was possible in a brick-assembled building.

It’s a sure sign of the revolution then, that in a 1436011_96395254 (1)recently conducted survey from Forrester, online-only retailers outscored those high street stores. It wasn’t even close either.

Out of 299 surveyed brands, across almost every industry you could think of, 6 of the top 15 were online-only retailers. High scorers included Amazon, Newegg and Zappos.

Customer service is an absolutely integral part of any succeeding business, but increasingly it is the case that customer service improvements have been linked to growth in sales – therefore everyone wins. A separate Forrester survey showed that companies consider providing outstanding customer service the second highest priority; only increasing sales was higher. Amazon and JetBlue Airways, who were also featured in the top 15, are known for prioritising customer satisfaction over hard profit pushes.

Why is this important? These findings act as a milestone for those who believed in ecommerce customer service and a statement to those who doubted it. Online-only companies can not only compete but excel in offering great customer service, proving that you don’t have to be engaging face to face with your customers in a brick-built outlet on Oxford Street, London, to be providing great customer service.

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