Mistakes when writing your call scripts - mplcontact Mistakes when writing your call scripts - mplcontact

Here are 6 thing you shouldn’t be doing when writing your call scripts:

  1. Being slow when using the scriptWriting call scripts

Call scripting technology should launch immediately upon answering a call. A delay between the answering of a call and the sound of your agent’s voice makes you look like amateurs. You’ve made a bad impression before you’ve even said anything.


  1. Not involving your agents in the script-writing

Agents will have great insights into what makes a great script, simply because they have the front line experience in what works and what doesn’t. Get them involved.


  1. Preventing your workforce from having a conversation with the customer

A script should act as a guide – it shouldn’t be read word for word. Conversations make agents sound knowledgeable and confident, making the customer feeling valued and well looked after. It’s far more likely that a customer will buy into what you’re selling if you treat them like a human being, and not just another call.


  1. Leaving customers on hold while agents search for lost scripts

We’ve all been on hold for a long time at some point or another. Imagine the frustration if you knew it was because your agent couldn’t find the relevant script? It’s a needless waste of time. Have your scripts stored in a logical way and create a fast way to find them.


  1. Scripting answers to complex issues

Scripts are great for simple problems that can be easily corrected by the agent without needing the help of an expert somewhere else in the business. Complex issues however require more explanatory and consultative handling, therefore being tied down to a script can be a hindrance.


  1. Making scripts too long

When scripts are long and detailed, the agent has to read through them whilst on the phone, to find the relevant information. Split long scripts up into shorter, more concise pieces of readable content that allows the agent to get straight to the point. Be sure to keep scripts updated too, giving customers outdated advice will really aggravate them, and probably fail to solve the problem. Try not to overload your agents – it will become harder for them to provide quick answers on the phone.

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