6 tips for customer service from mplcontact - MPL Contact 6 tips for customer service from mplcontact - MPL Contact

Customer service is important to any company and can influence their perception of your brand. Here are 6 tips to improving your customer service:

  1. Sit relevant teams together

If you have separate social media, web chat and email response teams responding to customer enquiries, sit them together to eliminate duplicate responses. Customers will often email, then web chat, the post on social media, so to avoid duplicate or differing answers, sit them together to spot customers who are taking to different methods of contact.


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  1. Multi skill your staff

Having multi skilled staff will prepare you for busy periods and for when team members are away. Having staff which know how to deliver good customer service on a number of different stations will increase the overall customer service quality level.


  1. Post useful videos on YouTube

If it is something that can be shown in a video, use a specific branded YouTube page to upload solutions to common problems. Customers will see this as innovative and it’s a step above the FAQs page on your website.


  1. Make your staff brand aware

Your brand is supported by the processes and actions of your staff that customers experience. Ensure that your procedures are aligned with your brand image to build a consistent service.


  1. Be one step ahead

When problems arise, let people at the other end know, and send them regular updates while the problem is being resolved. Don’t wait for your customers to start calling you asking questions.


  1. Customer experience programmes for employees

By giving staff the chance to be at the other end of the phone, they can begin to understand how certain elements of their customer service is received. This allows them to highlight positives and negatives. Also, getting staff involved in building a customer service process makes them feel valued.

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