Questions to ask your potential call centre supplier - mplcontact Questions to ask your potential call centre supplier - mplcontact

Unpredicted spikes in calls

Staff absences due to sickness or holidays

Reduced support during out-of-hours

Seasonal and campaign peaks

There are a number of reasons why you might be considering using an outsourced contact centre to handle your customer support.

When you are looking for the right provider for call handling, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration to ensure your customers are always looked after.

Here are 4 questions you should ask your potential call centre supplier: call handling services mplcontact


1. Can they provide consistent support for your customers?

Not being able to manage the quality of calls when outsourcing might be an issue for you. When looking for the right contact centre, think about if they can offer the same level of service you would expect in house and how they make sure standards remain high.

A great call centre will be able to provide seamless customer support that will make sure your customers are provided with the right advice and solutions.


2. What technology do they use?

Do they have the right technology infrastructure in place to effectively manage your calls? Do they back up regularly and have a disaster recovery plan for emergencies? Out-dated technology could stop the agents doing their job properly and not being able to manage your customer calls.


3. What motivates their agents?

When your staff are happy, so are your customers.

It is important to know what procedures are in place that helps keep the contact centre’s staff motivated and service to a high standard. Does management train and invest in their team? What goals are they working towards?

A work environment that is built on looking after employees will ensure your customers receive a great experience.


4. Do they understand your business?

Your business will have its own objectives and goals in place, and it is important that your call centre supplier understands these objectives and works with you to help achieve them.

Choosing the right call centre to outsource your calls can make a great impact upon your business in terms of increasing sales and productivity among your workforce.

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