When it comes to customer service, quality is key - mplcontact When it comes to customer service, quality is key - mplcontact

A new report from the research company, Gartner, have found that even if a business is effective at selling a product or service, it is quality of customer service that makes the biggest impact on the customer.

Research has established that 827556_46291532while automation of support may reduce human interaction, by 2017, over a third of customer enquiries will still require some human input.

The president of the research company states that businesses need to maintain customer service support as the availability of having a human at the end of phone can mean the difference between a sale or no sale.

When it comes to providing quality customer service, there are 4 basic areas your business needs to do:

1. Listen to your customers

If your business is about giving consumers what they need, you need to know what your customers actually want. Whether it be a complaint or asking for advice, make sure you actually listen to everything they are saying, so you can ask the right questions and deal with their needs.

2. Work together as a team

Customers will always ask questions and will want an answer. One person will not be able to answer all the questions thrown at them, so it is important that your sales team engage with others in the company in order to provide the best solutions for the customers.

3. If you make promises, keep them

If you can’t guarantee a solution, you shouldn’t make a promise to the client as this can leave customers frustrated. It is important that you keep track of what promises have been agreed so you can monitor progress and keep customers happy.

4. Always remain positive

Even on the phone, having a smile on your face and a positive attitude can help customers feel at ease. If you are positive that you can offer the right advice, right support and deliver the right products and services, so will your customers.

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(Source: ITProPortal)

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