£90 million lost due to missed phone calls - mplcontact £90 million lost due to missed phone calls - mplcontact

Recent reports have found that SMEs across the UK are losing up to £90 million in potential sales each year.

But what is the reason behind it? Missed phone calls.

A study by BT Business found that a single missed call could result in an average loss of £1,200, and that the average loss rises to £9,000 if a business in unavailable for 24 hours. The longer you keep your customers waiting, the more likely they are to leave.Businesses missed phone calls mplcontact

When customers have a poor experience, it’s not just that customer that you are likely to lose. The news of bad service spreads quickly among friends and colleagues, and so this loss of custom may also spread.

The research also highlights that smaller businesses will suffer the most from missed calls; with 63,400 companies, between 20-49 workers, losing a total of over £36 million in one year. Those results are very bad news for businesses.

Hiring more employees is one (costly) solution, but even then, can your business guarantee someone will answer the phone? With an increasing amount of employees now working remotely, it is becoming harder and harder for customers to get their calls answered.

Call handling support from mplcontact is your solution.

Our dedicated team of customer service specialists will be there for your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions and to help generate sales for your business.

This is a cost effective solution and our services add a personal touch to your customer experience, making sure your business maintains and develops long lasting relationships with your cus

Get in touch with us today by calling us on 0800 0835159 or email [email protected]. We can help your business to grow. (Source: IT Pro Portal )

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