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mplcontact offers outsourced contact centre services for large, corporate organisations which can incorporate complex business processes into a variety of contact management solutions

Image of Sarah - an mplcontact helpdesk agent

Sarah – an mplcontact helpdesk agent

All of our outsourced contact centre services ensure that your customers receive a prompt and professional response, and help you successfully manage your customer service provision, contract requirements and SLAs.

Our agents are assisted by the latest technology, which allows us to incorporate your business rules and processes into a contact handling application. This application ensures that our agents can meet your customers’ sales, service and support expectations, whether they are handling a first enquiry or conducting a post-sale customer satisfaction survey. We can work seamlessly as a part of your team and continue to work at the high standard you have set your employees as a company.

mplcontact will work closely with you to create a tailored solution, and meet even the most complex of contact management requirements. We draw on your industry experience, using it to build our own knowledge-base. We then mix this new knowledge with our own contact centre expertise, putting together a training programme for our agents. At every moment, we ensure that our agents understand the service requirements, your organisation’s activity and your brand values. Keeping your brand consistent.

We understand that this team of highly skilled customer service professionals will be representing your business, and all our agents are keen to do their utmost to provide a high quality service for both you and your customers. We put this training at the top of our priority list because we believe it is vitally important.

mplcontact’s complex contact centre solutions include:

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