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mplcontact agents are available 24/7 to take orders, payment details, handle web enquiries and customer service emails

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If you’ve invested in advertising, brochures, a website and distribution facilities then you need to make the most of every enquiry that is generated. Outsourcing the call handling for your product and enquiry lines to mplcontact can help you see a good return on that investment and ensure your provide a great service to your customers.

Using mplcontact to handle some or all of the enquiries generated from your advertising, website and order lines means you can be sure that every enquiry is handled no matter how and when it arrives. And if you have seasonal peaks, our services mean you avoid the expense of bringing in temporary staff just to cover those busy times.  Gtech advertise on national, peak time television and we handle their calls for them:

Image of Gtech logo“mplcontact work quickly and effectively to create our services, ensuring all our requirements are covered. The account management and operational staff have always been highly professional and developed solutions which address the challenges inherent in operating a customer service line.”

David Butlin, Head of Direct Marketing, Gtech ~

We can set up an ordering and payment line which can even incorporate secure access to your systems for stock level checks and to arrange deliveries. Similarly, we can arrange service and sales appointments for your staff and respond to enquiries or issues raised by email or web chat as well by telephone.

A summary of the contacts and orders handled by mplcontact is provided to you at regular intervals (defined by you) so that you can see for yourself when the busiest times are and which adverts generate most interest. Our reporting will clearly show you the orders our agents have taken which makes monitoring product issues and frequently asked questions easy.

Download the mplcontact Guide to Outsourcing for Retailers.

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