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mplcontact provides call centre outsourcing services to SMEs to support their marketing campaigns, new product launches, customer service requirements and their business as it grows.Image for Business relationship

mplcontact provides call centre outsourcing services to clients who need support for their one-off and on-going campaigns, new product and customer service enquiries. As a company, we also specialise in product recalls, market analysis and customer satisfaction surveys. We can help you with any aspect of your marketing campaigns, and we can even dedicate agents to your service so that they become a true extension of your business.

We teach our agents about your processes and they are already equipped with our own specialist techniques, together we can achieve results that are impressively seamless.

Our services for growing businesses include:

Clients may also use us as a call and email handling partner during bursts of activity; perhaps at certain times of the day or to manage seasonal trends when they are busy with their main business activities. This can be especially useful towards the end of a project or around Christmas time. By overflowing peak traffic, your callers do not have to queue to reach you and there’s no need to take on additional temporary staff.

Hold onto your customers, by allowing us to be on the end of the phone when you can’t be.

mplcontact clients use our services whenever and however they wish. By seamlessly overflowing calls to us, clients benefit from daytime, overnight and weekend cover and an integral Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity solution. Alternatively, clients use our agents to handle all contact generated by campaign activity, product support lines or as a dedicated customer service facility.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on
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