Cross/up-sell campaigns

mplcontact’s call centre outsourcing facilities can help you to maximise every opportunity to cross and upsell to your customers

mplcontact has the ability to truly get to grips with your business needs and increase the ARPU (Average Revenue per User) for your products and brands. We believe that this is key to working successfully together and building an instant relationship with your customers.Image of Campaign support specialist agent

We get to know you before answering or making any calls on your behalf, ensuring that we blend seamlessly into your company, becoming a part of your team. We’ll make sure that your customers know all the benefits of your company, whilst understanding their needs.

Each of our clients benefit from our vast call centre outsourcing experience entailing the implementation of sales and marketing support solutions across many different sectors. No matter what your needs are, we can find a solution to best suit you.

mplcontact’s agent training and operational approach maximises every opportunity to upsell or cross sell on your behalf, so that you never miss an opportunity for a sale.

We can help to grow your business.

How we can help:

  • System prompts identify appropriate opportunities within a conversation to upsell
  • Objection handling prompts are automatically included to help our agents increase take up
  • We establish ‘buddy’ systems and an environment of competition to ensure that agents remain keen to reach their full potential
  • Reward schemes are designed for both teams and individuals to drive up conversion rates
  • Dynamic dashboards show targets and achievements for individuals and the team as a whole throughout the day
  • We work with your training staff to ensure that the approach across our team and yours is seamless.

If you are considering an outsourced call centre solution, please contact Siobhain on 0800 0835 159.

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