Established 75 years ago, The VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world; making the most of daylight and fresh air through the roof. The product range includes roof windows and modular skylights as well as a range of decoration and sun screenings, roller shutters, installation solutions and intelligent home controls. The company has a global reach, with sales and manufacturing operations in more than 40 countries and employs around 9,500 people worldwide.

The Challenge: Unpredictability of the work flow

VELUX has its own internal UK and ROI call centre, based in Scotland, handling a range of inbound enquiries from both private and trade customers. However with increased enquiries, VELUX is keen to ensure they are able to continue to meet customer needs, even during peak times.

VELUX identified a number of admin tasks, including some email handling, which can potentially be outsourced, thereby freeing up experienced advisors to focus on phone calls and in doing so make the greatest impact on the customer journey.

VELUX also required ‘out of VELUX hours’ overflow support for evenings, weekends and business closures to ensure a seamless continuity of service and a high quality customer experience.

It was crucial that any outsourced partner committed fully to the partnership and adapted its operating model to match that of VELUX, despite the unpredictability of the work flow.

The Solution: Flexible Dedicated Resource from mplcontact

Traditionally the challenge of providing additional outsourced resource in a world of fluctuating volume would be met by a less adaptable provider through choosing either an on demand bureau solution, or a fixed dedicated team.

Whilst a bureau solution has its advantages in providing access to resource to respond to peaks in customer demand quickly and in a uniform manner, it is not necessarily the best solution commercially or operationally where there is both volume and complexity.

A fixed dedicated team has advantages in the depth of knowledge that can be retained by agents, and is typically cheaper where there is the ability to commit to a level of resource on a monthly or annual basis, as part of a 1 or 2 year contract, and therefore resulting in a much lower costs per transaction. However, in this situation the client may have a higher cost per transaction during quieter months, or when volumes do not materialise against the forecast, as the agent time they have paid for is less productive.

With its Flexible Dedicated Resource offering, mplcontact is able to offer VELUX some of the savings normally achieved through the Fixed Dedicated model, but without having to commit to agent hours in advance when the volumes would not warrant it, yet without any compromise on service standards and the general experience provided to its customers.

As part of its initial two year contract with VELUX, mplcontact has committed to:

  • Immerse itself in the VELUX business
  • Invest time in understanding the business
  • Recruit appropriate personnel
  • Set up a dedicated VELUX team
  • Adapt operating models as appropriate


Siobhain Goodall, Head of Business Development at mplcontact says:

‘Just as the name suggests we are able to offer VELUX a fully dedicated and skilled resource which has the flexibility to adapt to their specific business needs, including seasonality. Our experience of the changing face of communication means we can also interface with multiple customer touch points including voice, email and web.’

The Result: More efficient use of skilled advisors

By using Flexible Dedicated Resource from mplcontact, VELUX has been able to ensure that its highly skilled internal advisors are being used to optimum efficiency while important internal processes continue to be managed and maintained.

‘FLEXIBLE DEDICATED RESOURCE from mplcontact is an important addition to our overall customer service strategy and will have a positive impact on how we manage inbound enquiries and processes in the future. From the outset mplcontact has been responsive to our needs and shown just the sort of commitment to our business that we would expect from our own staff. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.’

Ron Hogg, Operations Director, VELUX

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