The Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (N & P) is a multi-award winning mutual society owned by its customers and prides itself on always putting those customer first. When it comes to customer service, they have an in-house team of advisors handling every type of enquiry that could possibly come into the Society.

However, even the best team can’t always manage all the calls that arrive and so the Society chose to use an outsource partner to ensure their customers never have to queue.

Flexible bureau facilities

N & P chose to work with mpl contact’s 24/7 Nottingham contact centre supported by 4 additional networked centres around the UK. This bureau agent operation, consisting of a pool of skilled agents available to take calls at any time, suits N & P’s requirements for a flexible, scalable resource to manage their fluctuating call volumes.

Skilled agent resource

Mpl contact’s bureau agents are trained on a variety of client requirements according to their own skills and additional sector experience within the bureau environment. Utilising this model, rather than a team of dedicated agents, means N & P does not pay for any ‘quiet’ time as the agents are working on other accounts when there are no N & P calls.

The pay-as-you-go structure of the bureau means N & P can keep track of expenditure and relate it to the different products and departments that drive calls to mplcontact.

Customer service support

The contact management technology that mpl contact agents use allows them to handle a variety of different enquiries and ensures any resulting call back requests are sent to the correct N & P team member. Whilst the mpl contact agents do not provide financial advice or specific product details, they are provided with comprehensive information to allow them to answer frequently asked questions on nearly all the products N & P provides, from mortgages to savings and insurance.

The overflow call traffic from N & P’s in-house team can vary from just a few calls a day to over 300 and the outsourced facility has reduced the load by filtering out calls that need simple basic information or which can be directed to N & P’s website.

Business Benefits
  • More customer enquiries can be managed at first point of contact
  • Additional call handling resource removes queues and the need for IVR menus
  • Customer service provision is maintained no matter how busy the in-house team
  • Unexpected surges in volumes are easily absorbed
  • N & P have full visibility of both the in-house and outsourced teams’ activity to track performance.

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