Molson Coors


Molson Coors is the seventh largest brewing company in the world and mpl contact are delighted to help them with their overflow traffic.Image of Molson Coors logo

Molson Coors has over 350 years of brewing heritage which began in Burton On Trent in 1774.  It is now a global company whose portfolio has more than 100 beer brands. Each brand has a unique flavour and these are well known in multiple countries. These brands include Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Miller Lite, Carling and Staropramen, as well as craft and speciality beers like Blue Moon, Creemore Springs and Cobra.

Their brands are extremely popular and well known across the world and they have built a strong brand that is recognised globally. It is important to Molson Coors to work with a company who appreciates the importance of brand consistency, and that includes every little detail such as tone of voice when answering the phone.

Mpl contact train staff to merge seamlessly into the company they are working for. So much so, that designated agents are selected and designated for each job. With mpl contact, you can be sure that your brand is in safe hands and that no call will be missed. Our 24/7 call handling service is ideal for peak times and for global brands who receive calls all hours of the day.

Mpl contact provides day to day contact centre support to Molson Coors own in-house call centre team, handling peak overflow traffic for retail orders and customer enquiries. Mpl contact also provides the company with an ad hoc complete outsourced facility for the occasional instances when the call centre is temporarily unavailable.

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