Outbound calling services

mplcontact provides a range of outbound customer service solutions from surveys to research

mplcontact works with many well-known brands on their outbound calling requirements, ensuring that their own services and products meet the expectations of their customers and to promote those brands to potential new customers.  Here’s a brief summary of the work we currently do for just some of those clients.

Home Learning Specialist

mplcontact executes outbound appointment making and lead generation campaigns to support this major UK home learning specialist.  Data is validated, prospects called and their potential requirements matched against a broad product offering before face-to-face or telephone appointments are made with the client’s own specialist staff, with all appointments made directly into the client’s CRM system.

Major UK Retailer

mplcontact carries out ad hoc short term outbound calling research campaigns on behalf of this major UK high street retailer, testing their staff’s understanding of recently launched promotioImage of Outbound calling and surveysns and providing mystery shopper data.  The results allow this client to understand any variance in customer experience and address local shortfalls in product knowledge or understanding.  Campaigns have, on occassion, been completed with one day’s notice.

District Councils

mplcontact has completed a range of citizen satisfaction projects on behalf of a number of local authorities. These have often followed recent face-to-face or telephone interaction between citizens and their local authorities and provide comprehensive scoring of all aspects of the customer experience. Captured data is written into presentation format for delivery by our clients.

Leading European Vehicle Manufacturer

mplcontact undertakes a rolling programme of welcome calls and customer satisfaction follow-up to customers of this manufacturer. These calls allow our client to understand and influence regional trends in customer satisfaction with their after-sales and servicing products.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

mplcontact conducts this ongoing customer satisfaction programme by calling key clients of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Utilising a complex scoring mechanism built into our call management application, all aspects of the client’s service delivery are discussed and scored allowing our client to understand levels of customer satisfaction and address suppliers’ or co-workers’ performance where necessary. In addition, any scores indicating a contract may be ‘at risk’ are immediately escalated via the client’s CRM system prompting an Account Manager to make contact and address their concerns without delay.

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