Niche Retailer

mplcontact provides high capacity call handling services on a campaign-by-campaign basis for one of the UK’s major mail order retailers

Image of shopping bagsThrough a flexible operational and commercial solution, mplcontact manages the challenges posed by widely fluctuating call volumes driven by DRTV advertising, along with the specific customer service requirements demanded by the predominantly older prospective customer base who are unable, or do not wish, to use ecommerce facilities.

Managing variable campaign and specific customer demands

Our client markets a wide range of products to a target market largely over 60 years of age and, as such, sought an outsourced contact centre services partner that could successfully meet the demand generated from their extensive TV advertising campaigns.  Response handling would need to be purely through the use of live call handling with no IVR capture, as this was deemed unacceptable for their prospective customers.

mplcontact was subsequently selected and now provides a live call handling service taking volumes peaking in excess of 700 calls daily.

Response monitoring and media tracking

A range of intelligent DDIs has been provided to allow for accurate tracking of response rates and the monitoring of media budget, as well as the routing of calls across mplcontact’s network of UK contact centres.

Advertising itself takes place across a range of channels and regions meaning daily interval reports, detailing demand and performance, have been designed by mplcontact.  Data from those reports is transmitted twice daily for direct fulfilment by the client.

Adding capacity to the client’s operations

Many calls are for brochures but with product training both on- and off-site, mplcontact’s agents also deal with a variety of product, payment and delivery questions.

Call handling SLAs are industry leading for this type of activity with 90% of all calls needing to be answered – by a live agent every time – within 20 seconds.

mplcontact recognises the unique requirements that niche retailers have in terms of their need for highly scalable operational solutions, able to deal with the variable demand that advertising channels present along with the distinct requirements their potential customers have.  In this case, DRTV campaigns targeted at the ‘grey market’ meant that the only acceptable solution would be one that ensured a prompt and polite response at all times by live agents.  This challenge has been met by our agents and team leaders and we are proud of a solution that has really exceeded all demands.”

Paul Macildowie, CEO of mplcontact

Business benefits
  • Flexibility to operate on a campaign basis with considerable daily and intra-day variance in demand
  • High call handling capacity, taking over 700 calls per day
  • Industry leading SLA of 90% of calls to be answered live in 20 seconds
  • Client’s media buyers can secure late availability advertising slots without the need to check on contact centre capacity
  • 24/7 service availability means out of hours enquiries are handled as effectively as daytime demand
  • An on-demand operational and commercial model meaning client’s spend relates directly to the success of their campaigns.
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