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mplcontact provides quick turn-around outbound calling customer satisfaction survey for broadcast specialists

The Life Channel is a TV channel that broadcasts to the waiting rooms of multi-practice doctors’ surgeries across the UK. With the emphasis on healthy living, it is accessible, friendly and successful – reaching some 3 million consumers in over 1000 surgeries every month. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, The Life Channel planned a ‘customer care’ campaign, where surgeries would be contacted for feedback on the quality of the service. This is when they turned to mplcontact for help in making that plan actually happen.

Image of Life Channel logoThe Life Channel has been hugely successful in transforming the often dull and lengthy wait in our doctor’s surgery to time during which useful information about health topics, surgery facilities and local services is available in an interesting and engaging format.

Delivered by satellite to doctors’ surgeries, The Life Channel is designed to support the medical professionals and surgery staff in their activities as well as providing ‘entertainment’ to patients and their families. With content driven wholly by current areas of medical concern (smoking and healthy eating being prime examples) it is imperative that The Life Channel accurately reports on these subjects and stays up-to-date.

The simplest way of ensuring that this service is meeting surgery expectations is to contact all the participants. But with limited resources in-house, The Life Channel were faced with the mammoth task of not only trying to reach their contacts but also recording their comments, complaints and key operational facts about each surgery.

Having allocated just one week to carry out this customer care exercise, The Life Channel realised they needed help. With just four days to go before the planned start date, The Life Channel approached mplcontact for a quick outbound calling solution from the experts.

The Life Channel presented mplcontact with a brief of outbound calling over 1100 of their customers, checking they were happy with the overall service, the sound quality, the content and style of material, noting comments, complaints and any other feedback. The campaign would also be an ideal opportunity to check surgery opening hours – essential information for their service engineers.

mplcontact designed a call handling and data capture application, selected a team of agents, tested and trained the application and agents respectively and started the campaign on time. From day one, the campaign proved a success, not only in operational terms of reaching customers but also in the quality of feedback and data being recorded by mplcontact. 96% of contacts were reached and some 57% of surgery records were updated with information critical to The Life Channel’s service engineers.

“We approached mplcontact at short notice with a quick turnaround project which they completed professionally and on time. We have already used them again and can see their services being very complementary to our sales and marketing activity.”

Julian Clogg, Head of National Sales, The Life Channel

  • Rapid implementation – mplcontact’s 24/7 operation offered flexible calling to suit surgery hours
  • Knowledge & expertise – mplcontact utilised tried and tested applications to speed up campaign go-live
  • Accurate management information – Data captured was collated into comprehensive, bespoke reports
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